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"The most significant messages a man may share in life are those which are his life, formed in the crucible of knowing and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  In this helpful work [Facing the Sons of Thunder], Brother Jimmy Stallard writes both practically and Biblically to present a vital message for today's church and believer.  Oh, what misery and suffering could be spared if these lessons were learned and observed."

T.P. Johnston, Jr., Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Smyrna, Georgia

"You may read a lot of books this year, but make sure you read this one [Facing the Sons of Thunder].  It not only deals with an important issue, facing unjust accusations, it is the only title I have ever read covering the subject.  When I finished reading the manuscript, I made five observations:

1. It is thoroughly scriptural, filled with biblical references.
2. It uses a broad and descriptive vocabulary, making it easy to read.
3. It contains doctrine representing both the milk and meat of God's Word that makes it easily understood by a layperson along with plenty of deeper truths for a mature believer, Bible teacher, or pastor.
4. It includes many practical projects to encourage the implementation of the material presented.
5. It is not verbose, but is to the point.

I will be using this book in my own study and in personal counseling situations.  I highly recommend it to you.

Rick Johnson, Pastor
Friendship Baptist Church
Huntsville, AL

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The Treasures of Truth Book Store contains a variety of Christian books and CDs, including Bible and Devotional Study books plus gospel messages on CDs.  This material is   helpful to pastors, elders, deacons, counselors, church workers and for personal study.  Order in quanity for your church groups.

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Check out these exciting, faith based books and CDs available at Treasurses of Truth Ministries.

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Personal Evangelism In A Postmodern Era
Personal Evangelism In A Postmodern Era
Author:  Jimmy Stallard

This 148-page, comb-bound book includes the notes taught on the seminary level to pastors, youth pastors, and missionaries around the world. It deals with how the culture affects our evangelism as well as various theological and practical issues involved in the evangelistic efforts of pastors, laypeople, and churches. The method of how Jesus witnessed to the lost is examined to learn how to apply Christ's approach to our postmodern world. This material is used in seminary training as well as in churches.

Price:  $10.00

7-Books In One CD

7 Books in One CD
Books are in PDF Format
Requires Adobe Reader
CD - 7 Bible Study Books in One
     Great material for individuals or Church Bible Studies.
     Author:  Jimmy Stallard 
Seven of my  previously written Bible Study books have been updated,
compiled and made into a CD.  Each book contains 50+ pages of Bible Study material.  Book titles are:
1.  Principles for Living  (Sermon on the Mount)
2.  Faith for Today  (Study of Doctrine)
Experiencing the Presence of God  (Psalms)
4.  Wisdom for the Family  (Proverbs)
5.  Foundations from the Beginning  (Gen. 1 - 11)
6.  Great Bible Events of the Life of Christ
7.  Great Bible Events of the Old Testament
0% 1   $20.00
10% 10   $180.00

25% 25   $375.00

40% 50   $600.00

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Facing the Sons of Thunder
Facing the Sons of Thunder
Biblical Principles For Conflict Resolution
Author:  Jimmy Stallard
This 250-page, hard cover book, published by Evangel Publications,  is a much needed presentation of biblical principles for conflict resolution.  Dealing with topics of judgmentalism and accusation, it speaks to the issues of the heart.  This insightful work is helpful to pastors, elders, deacons, counselors, and church workers.  In addition, it is equally helpful to businesses, organizations and individuals.

Price: $20.00

Faith For Your Fears
Faith For Your Fears
A Devotional Study of John Chapter 14

Author:  Jimmy Stallard

This devotional study has been written to expound the precious truths from John Chapter 14 in hopes that many Christians will overcome their fears and be powerful testimonies to a world engulfed in being afraid.  Great for personal study, Sunday School and church training classes.  (33-pages)

Price:  $5.00

Praying Through Adversity  
A 24-Day Guide to Praying Through Trouble
Author:  Jimmy Stallard
This 82-page, comb bound 8.5 x 11 inch book is self-published.  Though it could be a blessing to any believer, this book has been written with the hurting person in mind.  Twenty-four days of devotional study have been given based on Psalm 31 and its twenty-four verses.

Price: $8.00

Ground Zero - The Battle for the 21st Century Family

Ground Zero
The Battle for the 21st Century Family
Author:  Jimmy Stallard
This 90 page book is a compilation of articles and semons by the entire Stallard family.  Comprised of sixteen chapters over four sections, the book deals with gender issues, marital issues, sexual issures and youth issues.  Ground Zero will challenge all believers to maintain endurance in the battle raging against traditional values and the traditional family.

Price: $8.00

Outlines in Theology
Outlines In Theology
Author:  Jimmy Stallard
This book details outlines in ten basic areas of Bible doctrine and provides a foundation for all believers to build on in their walk with the Lord. Doctrine is being avoided by many in our day, but this study will provide a simple way to get Christians back to this vital subject. It is ideal for pastors, missionaries, church leaders or Sunday School teachers.

Price: $10.00

Building a Life of Faith
Building A Life Of Faith
Author:  Jimmy Stallard
Faith is critical for a fruitful and successful Christian life. This simple study of seventeen lessons provides outlines for any pastor or teacher to guide a congregation or class through the Epistle of James with the goal of developing faith in the heart of the believer. It comes with a set of outlines that the teacher is free to copy.
Price: $10.00


Teacher's Guide
A Teacher's Guide Supplement to  "Facing the Sons of Thunder"  

Author:  Jimmy Stallard
This 49-page, comb bound 8.5 x 11 inch book is self-published.  This Teacher's Guide is very useful in sermon preparation, Sunday School classes and small group sessions.

Price: $5.00

Sake of Honor
For The Sake Of Honor
Author:  Stephen Stallard

This gripping 262-page novel from the pen of Stephen Stallard, and published by Xulon Press, traces the struggles of Major Christopher Jenkins during the Civil War. Caught up in the titanic struggle between good and evil, he must face his deepest fears.  He must prepare to sacrifice his reputation, his family and his life, all for the sake of honor.  Available in both hard cover and paper back.


Hardcover Price:  $20.00  
Paper back Price:  $15.00 

New Testament
The Christian Growth New Testament
Author:  Dr. Sam Wolfe

The life's work of Dr. Sam Wolfe, this New Testament contains dynamic outlines intended to bring new believers from spiritual infancy to maturity.  It is an invaluable tool for the soul-winner.  Published by Evangel Publications.

Price:  $10.00


Does the Devil Know Your Name?
Does The Devil Know Your Name?
Author:  Stephen Stallard

That is the question posed in this short but powerful booklet.  Stephen takes the reader through the exciting story of the Seven Sons of Sceva (sorcerers who thought they could harness the power of the Gospel for their own gain), making application for the modern day Christian.  A thought provoking booklet.

Price:  $3.00

God's Unspeakable Gift
God's Unspeakable Gift
Author:  Jimmy Stallard

This book is written in a clear, concise and simple explanation of the Gospel.  It will  guide the reader in his own study of the Bible and emphasizes that the greatest gift God could ever give to any man is not the material universe He has created but the gift of Himself.   God's unspeakable gift, when received, changes an individual for all eternity.  (17-pages)

Price:  $3.00

Bible Study for New Believers
Bible Study For New Believers
Helping the New Believer to Get Started Right
Author:  Jimmy Stallard

This booklet provides great insight which will help new Believers to adjust and mature as a Christian.  An introduction to the Christian life.

Price:  $3.00

Sharing the Excitement of Our Faith
Sharing the Excitement of Our Faith
Author:  Jimmy Stallard

A study of personal Evangelism, this series of lessons has been designed to help believers learn how to share the excitement of their faith.  This material is organized for weekly study and can be used in Sunday School, training classes in churches or for personal benefit.  It is also designed for preachers to use for pulpit help.  (42-pages)

Price:  $3.00

Foundations From The Beginning
Foundations From The Beginning (Genesis 1-11)
Author:  Jimmy Stallard

This devotional study of Genesis Chapters 1-11 deals with the creation/evolution conflict, the fall of man, the Flood, and the first civilization of mankind.  The material has been designed for weekly study and can be used in Sunday Schools, training classes in churches, or for personal Bible study. It is also designed for preachers to use for pulpit help.

Price:  $7.00
Out of Stock

Spirit of Christmas
The True Spirit of Christmas
Author:  Jimmy Stallard

The Christmas season celebrates the greatest event in the history of the world — the coming of God into the world.   This brief study looks at four areas of the Christmas story.  May God bless you as you read His Word and may the true Christmas “Spirit of Christ” grip your heart at Christmas.

Price:  $3.00
Out of Stock


The Heart of Revival (Vol. 1 - 3) - CD messages by Jimmy Stallard

3 Volume CD Pack
Vol 1 CD
1. Listening to God
2. Facing the Sons of Thunder

Vol 2 CD
1. The Double-Minded Man

Vol 3 CD
The Fullness of the Spirit

3 - CD Pack Price:  $6.00

A Life in the Balance - CD messages by Stephen Stallard

CD Messages by Stephen Stallard
1. Does the Devil Know Your Name
2. Standing on the Scale

- CD  Price:  $3.00

No More Tears CD - by Dr. Mike Stallard

No More Tears CD

 Click the Play control to hear
Track 4
"The Greatest Promise"
"No More Tears" is a compilation of music written and sung by Dr. Mike Stallard.  He is backed up by the New Life Singers of New Life Baptist Church, Scranton, PA.  All of the songs on the CD give a message that deals with prophecy and looks forward to the future.

1. The Warrior Lamb
2.  A Little Child Will Lead
3.  My Jesus, You Are the Son of      God
4.  The Greatest Promise
5.  Til I Come
6.  Tomorrow is My Home
  7.  Spirit of God Who Dwells in
  8.  Forever Life
  9.  Better Than the Best
10.  The Warrior Lamb (Revisited)
11.  The Greatest Promise

Price:  $10.00

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