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Jimmy Stallard
Founder & Director of Treasures of Truth Ministries
Stephen Stallard
Co-Director of Treasures of Truth

          Conflict in the Church and Biblical Principles
          For Conflict Resolution...
Facing the Sons of Thunder

Facing the Sons of Thunder

This 250-page, hard cover book, published by Evangel Publications, is a much needed presentation of Biblical principles for dealing with  conflict in the Church  and presents conflict resolutions in the Church.  Dealing with topics of judgmentalism and accusation, it speaks to the issues of the heart. This insightful work is helpful to Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Counselors, And Church Workers.

In addition, it is equally helpful to businesses, organizations and

Facing the Sons of Thunder is...
  • Thoroughly Biblical
  • Entirely Spiritual
  • Intensely Challenging
  • Powerfully Practical
  • Eternally Focused
  • Gracefully Balanced
  • Tremendously Helpful
  • Insightfully Written

Biblical Answers Found in Facing the Sons of Thunder...
  • What it means to be a "Son of Thunder"
  • Why everyone, including a Christian, has the tendency to be a Son of Thunder
  • Why accusation, judgmentalism and legalism are "kissing cousins"
  • What must be added to "standards" to keep from becoming a Son of Thunder
  • What causes Sons of Thunder to misuse Scripture
  • What is the Scripture most ignored by Sons of Thunder in dealing with accusation and judging
  • Why a rush to judgment always produces hypocrisy
  • How Pastors can protect their churches from the influence of Sons of Thunder
  •  And many, many more.

Jimmy Stallard, Author
               Facing the Sons of Thunder

RE:      Biblical principals in dealing with accusation and judging

Dear Friend:  

Americans no longer believe that an accused person should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  What's worse, American Christians no longer believe it either.  Much of it has been imbibed from the culture around it, but the church has succumbed in this area as it has in so many others.

Hi, my name is Jimmy Stallard.

I have been in the ministry for over thirty years with twenty-four years pastoring (Virginia and Florida) and have authored and self-published several Bible study books since 1994.  I am the Founder and Director of the Treasures of Truth Ministries, my current ministry.  The unjust accusations I have seen within the churches inspired me to write Facing the Sons of Thunder, which is published by Evangel Publications.

While our nation stands in the midst of spiritual warfare, the landscape is littered with churches and ministers who no longer find any usefulness to God's kingdom because of accusation.  It is my prayer that this book be placed in the hands of pastors, elders, deacons, and laymen alike and that it will save many believers and many churches from the horrors of approaching accusation in the wrong way.

Here's What Others Have To Say...

"The most significant messages a man may share in life are those which are his life, formed in the crucible of knowing and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  In this helpful work [Facing the Sons of Thunder], Brother Jimmy Stallard writes both practically and Biblically to present a vital message for today's church and believer.  Oh, what misery and suffering could be spared if these lessons were learned and observed."

T.P. Johnston, Jr., Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Smyrna, Georgia

"You may read a lot of books this year, but make sure you read this one [Facing the Sons of Thunder].  It not only deals with an important issue, facing unjust accusations, it is the only title I have ever read covering the subject.  When I finished reading the manuscript, I made five observations:
  1. It is thoroughly scriptural, filled with biblical references.
  2. It uses a broad and descriptive vocabulary, making it easy to read.
  3. It contains doctrine representing both the milk and meat of God's Word that makes it easily understood by a layperson along with plenty of deeper truths for a mature believer, Bible teacher, or pastor.
  4. It includes many practical projects to encourage the implementation of the material   presented.
  5. It is not verbose, but is to the point.
I will be using this book in my own study and in personal counseling situations.  I highly recommend it to you.

Rick Johnson, Pastor
Friendship Baptist Church
Huntsville, AL

Facing the Sons of Thunder book provides insight into...
  • How appearances are often not what they appear to be
  • How a person must respond when first accused
  • What really causes those who judge others to be angry
  • Three steps to spiritual recovery for those who have faced the Sons of Thunder
  • And much, much more.

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Facing the Sons of Thunder

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Jimmy Stallard, Author
Facing the Sons of Thunder

P.S. Once again, it is my prayer that this book be placed in the hands of pastors, elders, deacons, and laymen alike and that it will save many believers and many churches from the horrors of approaching accusation in the wrong way.

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